How it all Started

It all started with a 6-year old’s Lunch box in 2011. I couldn’t under-stand why Oli was so hungry everyday even though she came home with her lunch box empty. Oli finally confessed that she had been sharing her Korean food with her friends at school everyday.

Her classmates couldn’t get enough of Korean kimbap (K-Roll). She begged me for weeks to open a restaurant so that her friends could eat as much as they wanted. Over dinner at Laura’s house, I mentioned my dilemma to Laura and Sunny. How in the world could I run a Korean restaurant in Hong Kong? I certainly couldn’t do it alone, but the three of us could! Laura is an amazing cook! Sunny has style and sense! I like finance and management! That evening was the start of K-Roll by Three Sisters Ltd and the end of a peaceful life for each of our families.

We use only the healthiest frying oil available, omega-9 sunflower oil, with zero trans-fat and the lowest saturated fat. We make our food fresh daily with quality ingredients.

All three of us love Korean food cooked the right way. It’s healthy and nutritious, not to mention delicious. We hope you enjoy our food as much as our children and husbands do.

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A Little History on K-Roll

K-Roll started in 2012 on Bonham Strand in Sheung Wan. We expanded to Central (Hong Kong MTR Stn) and Kowloon (downstairs from Elements). K-Roll is the first and the most popular restaurant in Hong Kong that offers Korean food that is healthy, tasty, easily portable and served fast.

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